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Welcome to Cardenas Marketing

Headed by Chicago entrepreneur Henry Cardenas, CMN produces over 700 live events each year nationwide including concerts, grassroots campaigns, soccer matches and mobile marketing tours. Through its innovative marketing strategies, unique image branding and strong associations with an array of high-profile artists and sports organizations, CMN reaches millions of consumers annually and has produced campaigns for Fortune 500 corporations such as Johnson & Johnson, Career Builder, Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company, Verizon and American Airlines, among others.

We work together in the implementation of brand ambassadors and also help find personnel to help set up and brake down at events like H&R Block during Fiesta Latinoamericana in 2009, and also Ft Worth stocks yard as well

We are not affiliated or are employed directly to this marketing agency, we are just disclosing how we help them at certain events in Dallas area

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