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Listen to some Examples:

|  Example #1 Male looking for immigration attorney      |  

|  Example #2 Female looking for immigration attorney  |


How you get the leads?

We have several system in places to get leads for your business, from verbal referrals, to be at public latin events meeting people, and letting people participate in different raffles to input their information

When we have leads available we'll give them directly to you, and guarantee not to give it to more than 1 person
We guarantee this leads to be recent, so the sooner you call the sooner you most likely get business

I don't want to buy "trash" leads can you help me screen them for me?

Absolutely, we can speak with the prospect on your behalf and then schedule an "appointment lead" for you, 

Please choose the amount of leads you'd like to purchase
For any question call 214.938.9625

Difference between :

Chiropractors, Attorneys, Insurance Leads

  • We'll provide you with their name, phone number and best time to call
  • Its cheaper price
  • 50%/50% chance of closing

  • Le proveemos con el nombre y numero de telefono de las personas interesadas
  • Es mas barato
  • Hay posibilidad de un 50%/50% que sea algo de negocio para usted o que no


Attorney Marketing Referral

Marketing Fee $500.00

  • We'll screen the costumer for you
  • And we book an appointment on your calendar
  • Its 90% chance of closing or doing business with you

  • Le hacemos un pequeno cuestionario al cliente de su preferencia
  • Hacemos cita en su calendario de preferencia
  • Hay un 90% de oportunidad que cierre negocio con el cliente

Other Marketing

any questions? Text or call 214.938.9625 or 813.421.2030

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