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No1 CarsCASH price for cars:

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**Hablamos espanol ** (Carros buenos, bonito y baratos)Cars sale by owner:We offer reliable, in good condition , inspected cars for the best prices in town. Carlos (partner) said “I sell these cars just like I were to offer it to my mother, I make sure they are in good working condition, and inspect each one of them”

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2005 Toyota Sienna – $4700

2008 Chevrolet Impala – $4900



Feb 1st, 2016: We congratulate Nick from Hudson, Florida on his purchase of his Honda Civic. “Thanks for helping in get this car with my budget, with low mileage”

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Jan 29th, 2016: We congratulate Richard from Brandenton, Fl in the purchase of his new Toyota, not was able to get a low milage low cost 1 owner vehicle Toyota Echo.


Toyota for sale , from Brandeton Richard from Alaska, happy client purchasing his new used car

August 18th, 2015: We Congratulate Tara from Sarasota, Florida in the purchase of her new Toyota

Corolla for school

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Dec 30th, 2015 : “I’ve been looking for a car for 4 months, but I finally came accross with you guys that offer good quality cars, for less” Arnold, Helicopter Pilot”

Clientes felices, happy customers

Clientes Felices, happy customers , car dallas, tx

Congratulations to Arnold and his wife in the purchase of the Chevrolet Aveo this past January 21st, 2015:

Justin happy in CadillacWe congratulate Jackson, a Real Estate agent in the purchase of his Cadillac 2001″Thank you for everything Andy,  I got a great deal and I’m so happy with the car that will help me to show people around the houses I have for sale. I will be selling homes in no time”


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